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We specialize in getting diverse systems to sync up, and we work with a wide range of tools and technologies to do so. Solutions can be either hosted on premise or in the cloud, depending on your needs.​We have extensive experience in designing, building and maintaining successful data warehouses. In addition to data warehousing, we have also helped our customer's successfully implement Business Intelligence systems.

- Design Data mart and Data warehouse
- Data Aggregation and Cleansing
- Data Migration.

D2Sol Inc. stands for Design and Development Solutions, Inc.,  an emerging provider in public sector solutions, specializing in government sector. The mission and purpose of D2Sol is more than selling our services. If your business is looking to partner with a local IT support company that will learn the intimate details of your business technology and process, while also having the experience to manage and advise you on your day-to-day technology challenges, just fill out our contact form and one of our consultants will contact you shortly. 

Our Services

D2Sol is known across the Health and Human Services Industry as ‘best of breed’ developers and coders.  We offer full stack web engineering services from concept to completion. We spend a lot of time staying up to date on the trends to ensure we are using the best technologies to meet your needs. Our developers are amongst the brightest minds in the industry. Using great tools allows us to save you development costs, reduces the time to completion, and helps future proof your systems. Using modern development and project management processes allows us to more accurately predict the time to completion and greatly reduce the potential of bugs creeping in later on in the project lifecycle. Here are some web technologies we specialize in:

- Java and J2EE Technologies
- Spring and Spring Boot Applications
- Python
- Javascript: ReactJS, Node.js, Angular, Express, Backbone

 While we offer full SDLC solution delivery, our consultants can also assist your team throughout the project life cycle, at key points of development, or on an as-needed basis.


With such strong experience delivering DDI solutions, it should be no surprise that our expert team of consultants have strong post-production Maintenance and Operations (M&O) capabilities as well.   Our core M&O Project support offerings include:
1. Project Management
2. Requirements Development, Analysis, Validation
3. Business Analysis
4. Infrastructure Solutions Architecture & Design (with focus on IAAS, SAAS, Cloud)
5. End to End Testing (Unit, SIT, UAT, Regression, Load and Performance)
6. IT Security to include system monitoring and managed operations
7. Reporting
8. Move to Production Evolutions
9. Application and Infrastructure Migrations and Modernization

Historically, D2Sol has been known as an expert DDI shop.   However we also offer low cost M&O support to deployed solutions.  As a firm with a deep understanding and strong expertise in the system architecture, design, and development, we are well suited to the M&O roles required to keep deployed systems up and running, secure, and operating at maximum efficiency.

About D2Sol Inc.

D2Sol team puts an exceptional focus on customer success. With vast experience solving big challenges for some of the most complex projects, we’re committed to helping you scope and select the best technology stack for your needs. At D2Sol, we offer full System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) support to our clients.  This includes both Design Development Implementation Projects (DDI) and Maintenance and Operations (M&O) services and once a system is in production

D2Sol has a strong history of performing Design, Development, and Implementation (DDI) projects.  Over the last decade, our team has supported some of the largest Social Management Program initiatives in the United States.  We offer full SDLC business and technical support services to our clients and strategic teaming partners.  Our core DDI project offerings include:

1. Project Management
2. Requirements Development, Analysis, Validation
3. Full Project Business Analysis
4. Solutions Architecture & Design
5. Best of Breed development and coding
6. End to End Testing (Unit, SIT, UAT, Regression, Load and Performance)

With vast experience solving big challenges for some of the most complex projects, we’re committed to helping you scope and select the best technology stack for your needs.

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